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Photo enthusiast in the prime of his life. Looking for inspriration and motivation at tookapic. Started 365 project without expectations, but got kind of addicted to it.
#3 175/365
784 streak
Day 905
To fly a kite
Perfect wind. #theme-tiny-humans
Day 904
To build a castle
Familly effort.
Day 903
Hello cold sea
Where shall we start digging?
Day 902
Common swifts at sunset
Last weeks were really mad. Luckily, it seems we're ready for our vacations and have the most important stuff under control. T...
Day 901
Back window reflection
Preparing for vacation.
Day 900
Bye-bye school
Time flies. My boy just finished his first year at school. To me, it feels like https://tookapic.com/photos/683676 was yesterday.
Day 899
Circus Pedrro
Joyful end of the pre-school year.
Day 898
Yellow broom
Sweeping during golden hour.
Day 897
Cotton candy clouds
Busy Sunday and yet another busy week ahead.
Day 896
Cold and sparkling
Not a beer. Short break during tiring day. By the way, days should be longer.
Day 895
City bikes
It was an intensive day. At least I managed to take this quick snap for the #theme-bicycles.
Day 894
Pinkish rain boots
https://tookapic.com/photos/393970 - same place, same girl, same lens, different angle.
Day 893
Brand new facade
Looks much better than https://tookapic.com/photos/734617. Especially with deep blue sky in the back.
Day 892
Glazed facade
Hot day.
Day 891
Raw facade
Waiting for finishing.
Day 890
Eye to eye
Met this guy almost a year ago - https://tookapic.com/photos/663917. Like the last time there, it was a very nice family day.
Day 889
Strawberries bowl
For a pie.
Day 888
Sweating off
At our regular route.
Day 887
Keeping up her pace
Day 886
Busy time. #theme-weather
Day 885
Running behind
Balance is good, focus on steering could be improved. Now we need to train start/stop system.
Day 884
Glass vs. bricks
https://tookapic.com/photos/725578 from a different angle.
Day 883
Rainbow ring
Family bike day. Obviously, I took some portraits today but was also experimenting with #clouds. A wide lens with polarizer pointed direc...
Day 882
Sometimes I look up.