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Day 617
Open water
I'm almost as passionate about swimming as I am with photography. This is my attempt to share what swimming in the middle of the lake is li...
Day 1,975
In the lake
Another great swim with Alexis. The water is getting warmer! First 4x5 portrait of him and his girlfriend afterwards. Nerve wracking tryin...
Day 718
I did it! Not taken by me obviously (my camera though), but I really want to include this crazy side-project in this year's album. Oh, the water...
Day 700
Air temperature: 4 degrees. Water temperature: 6 degrees. After and I f...
Day 1,954
First swim
Great to be back swimming in the lake
Day 2,040
2.5km race this morning! Felt great 💪
Day 2,047
Ready 💪
Ready for the 5km cross-lake swim early tomorrow morning... #theme-flat-lay