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agnieszka bladzik congrats!

noun You are CRAZY!!

tigg If it makes you happy - which clearly it does ........

jayce Wow water at 7 degrees, I would have to be in death danger to do so😊. Sincere congratulations

v agnès Well done!

Magda Ko Congratulations

Roman Czarny Congratulations, it's actually a big challenge

Ian Prince It's actually not that difficult once you get beyond the fear of freezing ;) Oh, and trying to breath, lol.

Roman Czarny for me it's still an incredible challenge - you prepare somehow

Artur Łobocki Cool but I'm freezing on looking at you, hehe 😉

Kateli Completely crackers !! Bravo ! Very brave !

Satoshi T Super!

Ewa Kudlaty Congratulations! 👍

vera Bravo Ian! You're a little bit crazy... but isn't it dangerous??? be carful!

Ian Prince Thanks! Just a little bit, but we were over 1'800 swimmers to "survive" so it can't be *that* dangerous ;)

vera I am reassured for your safety, on the other side... it worries me to think that there are so many people a little bit crazy! ;-P

Kazziz isn't taking a photo daily "crazy" for some people? just look at some people work here... ;)

vera Hahaha! You're right! And I must say that Life without a little grain of craziness would be a bit bland! 😝🎉👏🏻

Kazziz grain? hah! a kilo at least ;)

vera 😂👍🏻😜

Nutt Bravo!! Very impressive! :D (going back to cuddle in my blankets now)

jewels Somehow, I missed this one! Well done my dear, this is quite an achievement! Much faster than a Twookapic, but still worthy of a lot of praise :-) Well done!

Ian Prince Thanks! You should try it next December ;)

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