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Ski season 2021/2022

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Day 2,569
Day 18
Howling winds at the top of my mountain
Day 2,572
Day 19
Fabulous day touring at 3000m above Crans-Montana. This is heading up the Rohrbachstein.
Day 2,566
Day 17
Lots of snow, lots of wind, lots of climbs, lots of fun!
Day 2,543
Day 10
Another good climb 😎
Day 2,524
Day 2
Perfect second day’s skiing in Zermatt, despite it being -24 degrees at the top.
Day 2,529
Day 3
Lovely first ski touring climb of the season
Day 2,542
Day 9
Above the clouds #theme-red
Day 2,545
Day 11
Fabulous ski in the morning with Oscar, and three climbs in the afternoon, the third one with the sun setting, here.
Day 2,523
Day 1
Perfect first day in Verbier to start the new ski-season 😃
Day 2,562
Day 14
Good to be climbing again after a two week break, despite the difficult conditions at the top.
Day 2,579
Day 24
Another glorious day
Day 2,548
Day 12
Afternoon and evening climbs. So good to be above the clouds.
Day 2,576
Day 21
Feeling especially grateful and spoiled today, day 21´551 😊
Day 2,551
Day 13
Despite the rain a lovely Christmas morning’s ski with Oscar.
Day 2,564
Day 15
Late afternoon ski with Oscar, always special.
Day 2,565
Day 16
Climbs in the afternoon with Alexis in strong winds, night skiing with Oscar on fabulous snow
Day 2,580
Day 25
Morning ski with Oscar, afternoon climb with Alexis. A good day.
Day 2,573
Day 20
2645 vertical meters of climbing over the weekend with Alexis and Christopher: Just 100 days before our big...
Day 2,531
Day 5
Blue sky and 30cm of fresh powder, perfect second day of ski training 😎
Day 2,538
Day 8
Three-climb 16km tour and steep powder runs with my friend Alexis. This is La Dôle from Poêle Chaud.
Day 2,578
Day 23
Lunchtime climb up my mountain. This is the marker for the top: 1667m
Day 2,577
Day 22
At the start of the Dolapo night race with my team. Lots of fun 😃
Day 2,532
Day 6
Totally drained after a challenging afternoon so almost gave up on the night ski-touring climb planned with Alexis. Glad I persevered as it was...
Day 2,530
Day 4
Gale force winds and snow for ski-school training day one. Needed a long hot bath afterwards to un-freeze myself.