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Ski season 2021/2022

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Day 2,675
Day 55
With Alexis and Christophe at the finish line in Verbier after over 9 hours of climbing from Arolla. Totally shattered, proud, tearful and grat...
Day 2,663
Day 54
Just enough snow to climb my mountain.
Day 2,657
Day 53
Amazing ski tour up from Arolla to Cabane de Dix. This is my team with Mont Blanc de Cheilon in the background
Day 2,656
Day 52
Trophée de Muveran race for the three of us. Feeling strong.
Day 2,651
Day 51
After-work climb
Day 2,650
Day 50
“Dolapo” double-climb with Alexis
Day 2,649
Day 49
Ski touring, fresh powder on the way down 😃
Day 2,643
Day 48
Always special with Oscar
Day 2,642
Day 47
Looking over the second half part of the race course I’m entering on 27 April. Excited!
Day 2,635
Day 46
Another practice race for the three of us, this one being the biggest: 1980 vertical meters. Was tough for me… not surprising as I tested Covid...
Day 2,628
Day 45
Warmer and cloudier, but still climbing
Day 2,625
Day 44
Fast climb with Alexis to catch the sunset at the top
Day 2,622
Day 43
Fun morning with Oscar
Day 2,620
Day 42
Another gorgeous day
Day 2,618
Day 41
Last of the five days with my class
Day 2,616
Day 40
And what a beautiful day it was 😃
Day 2,614
Day 39
Sunset climb in the wind
Day 2,613
Day 38
Sunny slopes with five sweet kids for the day
Day 2,611
Day 37
Three climbs to make up for a ten day break!
Day 2,601
Day 36
Tough climb…. thanks Christophe for the pub crawl the night before! But another 3000 vertical week all the same 😊
Day 2,600
Day 35
Climbing with my team Alexis and Christophe. Oh and that’s 2600 pics in a row 😊
Day 2,597
Day 34
Me and my shadow
Day 2,593
Day 33
The La Dôle radar dome from Poêle Chaud. Surprisingly fast second climb with Alexis to make 2160m for the week.
Day 2,592
Day 32
Just before the clouds arrived