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dog lover, cat lover, food connoisseur, book reader, breeder fish in the pond, stroller, budding amateur photographer, tax advisor ... I don't know who yet .... but at the end ... Hania
#5 80/365
20 streak
Day 1,540
just rose
the night session has its good side - two in one
Day 1,539
just roses
a rose is a beautiful flower - it looks great everywhere it appears The rose is one of the oldest decorative plants in the world - I don't...
Day 1,538
in the forest
in my work, January is a hard and busy month - we are sitting in the office - me and Amber - from early morning until ... I better not c...
Day 1,537
Day 1,536
short walk with Amber
Day 1,535
in the park
Day 1,534
missing spring - last call
next to my house was a meadow and on this meadow mouses, birds, bees, bumblebees, snails, butterflies, grasses, flowers, we...
Day 1,533
in my garden Sunday, Sunday and I (and Amber) at work - the beginning of the year is deadly for me, i.e. hard-working ... and after returning no...
Day 1,532
just Amber
Amber - hovawart bitch. She is beautiful (checked at shows), intelligent and ... gluttonous. She will do anything for food, almost everythi...
Day 1,531
once children lived in the house ....
i love cats, i love bricks ... #theme-bricks
Day 1,530
Nobody probably doubts that the colors that surround us have a huge impact on our daily lives, well-being, reactions and mood. We are surrounded b...
Day 1,529
just seagull
Several years passed and in my life there was still no dog ... But not only I wanted a pet at home - my daughters also wanted and my husb...
Day 1,528
just Saba
The photo is Saba and the story will be about a boxer dog and the name of Servo. Servo lived with us when we lived in Świecie on the Vistula...
Day 1,527
Day 1,526
at the airport
I'm still sick
Day 1,525
I'm still sick
Day 1,524
in the forest
I'm sick - and I only have photos from the morning walk in the woods
Day 1,523
view from my office window
the second day of the year and at the same time the first day of work in this new 2020 - and at work a day like everyday .....
Day 1,522
on the tracks
first day of the new year morning walk with Amber in Radunia Canyon, then dinner and ... at home quietly, sleepily, horny, burning wood...
Day 1,521
colorful #2
last moment for a photo in the last day of the year ... tomorrow the first day of the new 2020 year another year ends and another year beg...
Day 1,520
tomorrow the last day of the year, tomorrow will start in 1 minute ... #theme-bright-colors
Day 1,519
Mrs Winter is here
in my garden a jutro do pracy ...
Day 1,518
Christmas time
Day 1,517
Christmas tree