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dog lover, cat lover, food connoisseur, book reader, breeder fish in the pond, stroller, budding amateur photographer, tax advisor ... I don't know who yet .... but at the end ... Hania
#5 279/365
4 streak
Day 1,739
just poppy
a beautiful, though inconspicuous flower that wins the competition for the most beautiful Polish common weed. Individually or in clusters,...
Day 1,738
in the rays of the sun
Day 1,737
monarda in my garden
Monarda is a strange, disheveled and defiant flower. When I became the owner of a large garden, I knew very little (not to write:...
Day 1,736
we got up at 4 am and drove to the lake. Quiet, calm, the sun was still sleeping and only us, Amber and a few anglers. And the world was slowl...
Day 1,735
a cup of tea
time goes too fast we live too fast or maybe it is worth slowing down a little and finding time to reflect, to listen to yourself, to loo...
Day 1,734
in my garden
Day 1,733
walking with Amber
Day 1,732
just joke
such a joke - no time no idea
Day 1,731
in the rays of the sun
Day 1,730
in my garden
Day 1,729
in drop of water
and a drop of water again this time on a flower petal and with a flower inside a garden in a drop of water - is it not fascinating i...
Day 1,728
morning walk
Another morning and another morning walk with Amber - it's quiet, deserted, peaceful. Cars are still in garages and people are in beds (m...
Day 1,727
The time has come for the lily to bloom. They are beautiful and smell beautiful - the whole garden is filled with their sweet scent. I like to sit in...
Day 1,726
walk on the pier
morning walk on the pier (having fun with a glass ball)
Day 1,725
just sunset
beautiful sunset in Nowy Port (having fun with a glass ball)
Day 1,724
drops drops drops
I have loved photos of water drops for years. And when the sun shines gracefully in these drops, I can't resist and start the photo...
Day 1,723
the time has come to fill in the gaps - these will not always be achievements worth boasting about, but it is not always a good day to photograp...
Day 1,722
What squeaks in the grass
Day 1,721
Day 1,720
drops and rays of the sun
Day 1,719
field of grain
Day 1,718
dandelion and sunset
Day 1,717
Day 1,716
sun in the forest
sunny morning