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#1 26/365
3 streak
Day 26
Oh Deer
Today has been absolutely rotten and I've barely ventured outside. So instead of taking a rubbish photograph for today, I thought I'd upload a...
Day 25
We ventured out in the rain, searching for new locations to shoot in. There are lots of creative collaborations happening this weekend so stay...
Day 24
Tread Carefully
The aesthetics here comes from revisiting of a previous shoot I did around three years ago and I am enjoying aligning my passions of i...
Day 23
I have some pretty vivid dreams it seems. I love re-reading messages I sent late at night, a time when your mind is free to wander and you're...
Day 22
I've Started Writing in my Journal Again
I had another interview today, this time a lot closer to home. I made sure I would arrive in good time. Howev...
Day 21
Going Underground
I headed into the city today, for yet another interview. It was another foggy morning and I was tempted to stand outside and photogr...
Day 20
A Taste of What's Yet to Come
I woke up this morning to a white window. The winter mist had settled in over night, a taste of what's yet to come. I fe...
Day 19
Wicker Man
Celebrating Halloween. At midnight we burnt the Wicker Man. Our spells, wishes and curses went spiralling up with the smoke. Will they come...
Day 18
Being recent graduates we are pretty strapped for cash. Nevertheless with Christmas almost around the corner, we braved it and headed out in sea...
Day 17
This photograph was taken around this time last year. A lot has changed since then. I have swapped my temporary life studying by the sea to...
Day 16
Two Faced Observations
I didn't photograph today. Not one image. This shot was snapped a few days ago but it is a regular sight when I am here. I am a...
Day 15
I'm feeling a little distant today and have been thinking about my choice of photograph for yesterday. I am still undecided how much of my pe...
Day 14
Little Moments
There's a balance. The private and the public. In an increasingly digital age the boundary begins to blur. I was thrilled to capture so...
Day 13
Speaking So Soon
It seems I spoke too soon. Although lots had happened this afternoon, I didn't quite get round to taking that second photograph. I co...
Day 12
Now I'm Not Being Nosy
Yesterday was a no photo day, as the rain interfered with my plans. However today (Sunday) I have decided to upload two images...
Day 11
I'm dwindling to find inspiration at the moment, although hopefully that will change soon. We've been out and about location scouting this af...
Day 10
I Tried and I Failed
We went out today ready to take on the world, until I reached the hill. It was like conquering a mountain. However, as with many...
Day 9
Now You See Me
Today was a wellington boot kind of day. On our afternoon adventures we found some smokey heathland to play and frolic in. At the momen...
Day 8
We Are Adventuring Again
We are back, exploring the local parks, ponds and woodlands. It was such a warm afternoon today and the sun kept peeping thro...
Day 7
Midnight Oil
After a manic weekend of toing and froing I have finally arrived home. I have neglected this project these past couple of days, something...
Day 6
It's Not All Doom and Gloom
6. Not even a week has passed by and I am already playing catch up. These last couple of days have been completely manic -...
Day 5
Words Will Soon Follow
5. ... #october #afternoon #saturday
Day 4
004. Today was one of those days where time seems to slip by anonymously. Before I knew it it was already midday and I still had lots to do. S...
Day 3
It's Colder Than You Think
003. In the past twenty-four hours, life as I have known it these past few weeks has been taken away from me. My roots have...