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Joseph Hagan

Primarily a portrait photographer living on the Isle of Wight, South of England. Check out my site and social media for my 'usual' work!
#1 10/365
10 streak
Day 10
Self Portrait.
Usually I practice my editing techniques on myself in self portraits. But this time I decided to leave it near enough as is (I in fact...
Day 9
I have no idea what is blooming in between these leaves. But I love the different shades of green within the same image. It's vibrant yet muted...
Day 8
January Ninth.
So today I went out with a friend and we had a walk and I walked him through the basics of DSLR video. I forgot to take any stills even...
Day 7
I keep a small collection of... oddities, in my room. Despite over the years and the ever growing trend of minimalism, there's just a few things...
Day 6
Broken record
Today was another one of those "quick scramble for a photo" days. Though instead of resorting to harassing my cat (don't worry, I'm sure...
Day 5
In Bloom.
I apologise in advance for getting a little philosophical, but today was the first day (5 days in) where I was just walking around and saw s...
Day 4
The best camera is the camera you have on you. Unless it gets dark at 4pm and you could really do with the low light handling of the DSLR . #even...
Day 3
Sometimes you can find inspiration in many places. But notably, it doesn't have to be something that you feel a personal connection to. It ca...
Day 2
Stained Glass
Another day, another day full of rain. Though the subject is unclear, the detail of the window itself probably gets overlooked hundreds...
Day 1
The Land. The Sea. The Sky.
This is my first submission to the 365 photo challenge. Too often over the past year I have caught myself saying "I wish I...