I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
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Day 365
I DID IT. This year passed so quickly that I have had too little time to learn what I had planned. This means that I need to stay here for a...
Day 730
Year 2
I DID IT AGAIN. This year was easier and faster. I took a good decision to keep my project alive. This is a little bit like brushing your teeth...
Day 643
Frames #4
There are 3 my photos among those frames. I took part in photo contest organized by Gdynia Modernizm Routes . It was my debiut and I must sa...
Day 451
Block of flats #2
Same building https://tookapic.com/photos/82506 taken this time with diferent lens and from the ground (cropped) #afternoon #black-a...
Day 642
Frames #3
Ladder to heaven. #wednesday #sunny #technology #minimalism #business #travel #step #ladder #illustration #fire-stairs #august #futuristic #...
Day 798
What's wrong?
Something compleatly different, same building, different perspective and totally white. I am into white lately https://tookapic.com/phot...
Day 500
Coffee during lunch time prepared by Leszek specialist in latte art (Champion in latte art in Poland for many years as well as participant in Worl...
Day 747
I took a day off to take part in Olympus Pro Tour with Arkadius Mauritz portrait and fashion photographer. Working with profesional model was ver...
Day 800
A bit cloudy today, so my white sky is not so clear. This is the 800th photo. Time flies so quickly but what can we do about it? Just enjoy! #offi...
Day 901
USA day 12
We had tears in our eyes when landing after morning flight over the Grand Canyon. It is massive, overwhalming, rough and beautiful. I need...
Day 1,048
another year passed
one year ago https://tookapic.com/photos/529559 two years ago https://tookapic.com/photos/157882 time flies so quickly #indoors #p...
Day 1,095
Pls guess what MXCV means. I had just 10 minutes and asked my colleagues for help. Looking forward for better time, to enjoy more photography tha...
Day 774
Portugal #2 day 7
This is last day of our city break in Lisbon. We went to Oriente as this is so full-of-modern-architecture district and I am quite f...
Day 1,000
My new year photo resolution was to organize small event for 1000th picture (kind remainder to all of you https://tookapic.com/talks/576-whats-yo...
Day 694
I need to have selfie with @kazziz in my book. What a great day. Thank you all Tookapicers and special thanks to @magdalena kadysz and @maciek...
Day 666
Sunrise #2
I woke up at 5:10 today and drove with https://tookapic.com/mglodzik to Babie Doły beach to watch sunrise. Such a nice start of the day. Yo...
Day 732
Unperfect make-up but I like it anyway. Today I practice high-key technique and I am not going to eat chocolate for a couple of days. It melt...
Day 809
Short walk before work. Great weahter - sun, fresh snow and -2C. I need this cliche view in my photo album. Only one fisherman spotted today. #...
Day 616
After 40 hours of rain today we had some sun during a day. When I went for a walk in the evening it started to rain again. This is the reason...
Day 646
Israel day 1
We have one week holidays in this great country. We came back after 3 years, as still many things left unseen. It is really hot here, so...
Day 903
USA day 14
I booked tour to Antelope Canyon more than a month ahead of our trip and only a few places left at that time. This is such awesome place bu...
Day 700
I have ordered crystal ball for this WT but it arrives only today. it is taken in my office https://tookapic.com/photos/534828 BTW It is my 700th...
Day 811
We had heavy freeze during a night. Still in the morning it was -10C but I went for short photo walk. This is my version of sink boat @rafal_bolk...
Day 895
USA day 6
We spent the whole day in Yosemite National Park. A lot of driving up and down through narrow and steepy roads by Jacek. Breath-taking views...