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I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
#5 60/365
1,148 streak
Day 365
I DID IT. This year passed so quickly that I have had too little time to learn what I had planned. This means that I need to stay here for a...
Day 730
Year 2
I DID IT AGAIN. This year was easier and faster. I took a good decision to keep my project alive. This is a little bit like brushing your teeth...
Day 1,460
The end of year 4
My dream came true first photo taken with dron in my project. With great help of my teacher from school, apart from strong wind and...
Day 643
Frames #4
There are 3 my photos among those frames. I took part in photo contest organized by Gdynia Modernizm Routes . It was my debiut and I must sa...
Day 451
Block of flats #2
Same building taken this time with diferent lens and from the ground (cropped) #afternoon #black-a...
Day 642
Frames #3
Ladder to heaven. #wednesday #sunny #technology #minimalism #business #travel #step #ladder #illustration #fire-stairs #august #futuristic #...
Day 798
What's wrong?
Something compleatly different, same building, different perspective and totally white. I am into white lately
Day 500
Coffee during lunch time prepared by Leszek specialist in latte art (Champion in latte art in Poland for many years as well as participant in Worl...
Day 747
I took a day off to take part in Olympus Pro Tour with Arkadius Mauritz portrait and fashion photographer. Working with profesional model was ver...
Day 800
A bit cloudy today, so my white sky is not so clear. This is the 800th photo. Time flies so quickly but what can we do about it? Just enjoy! #offi...
Day 901
USA day 12
We had tears in our eyes when landing after morning flight over the Grand Canyon. It is massive, overwhalming, rough and beautiful. I need...
Day 1,048
another year passed
one year ago two years ago time flies so quickly #indoors #p...
Day 1,095
Pls guess what MXCV means. I had just 10 minutes and asked my colleagues for help. Looking forward for better time, to enjoy more photography tha...
Day 774
Portugal #2 day 7
This is last day of our city break in Lisbon. We went to Oriente as this is so full-of-modern-architecture district and I am quite f...
Day 1,000
My new year photo resolution was to organize small event for 1000th picture (kind remainder to all of you
Day 694
I need to have selfie with @kazziz in my book. What a great day. Thank you all Tookapicers and special thanks to @magdalena kadysz and @maciek...
Day 666
Sunrise #2
I woke up at 5:10 today and drove with to Babie Doły beach to watch sunrise. Such a nice start of the day. Yo...
Day 732
Unperfect make-up but I like it anyway. Today I practice high-key technique and I am not going to eat chocolate for a couple of days. It melt...
Day 809
Short walk before work. Great weahter - sun, fresh snow and -2C. I need this cliche view in my photo album. Only one fisherman spotted today. #...
Day 616
After 40 hours of rain today we had some sun during a day. When I went for a walk in the evening it started to rain again. This is the reason...
Day 646
Israel day 1
We have one week holidays in this great country. We came back after 3 years, as still many things left unseen. It is really hot here, so...
Day 903
USA day 14
I booked tour to Antelope Canyon more than a month ahead of our trip and only a few places left at that time. This is such awesome place bu...
Day 700
I have ordered crystal ball for this WT but it arrives only today. it is taken in my office BTW It is my 700th...
Day 811
We had heavy freeze during a night. Still in the morning it was -10C but I went for short photo walk. This is my version of sink boat @rafal_bolk...