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I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
#5 64/365
1,152 streak
Day 1,524
on the way
shape and shadow #notinthemoodforphotography
Day 1,523
new series? maybe. Another lunch, Jacek is back in US, I am not in mood for cooking just for myself. Today I had some vegan food in my favourite...
Day 1,522
is it perfect for #theme-superior-interior ? Having ramen with colleague at nearby restaurant
Day 1,521
in the museum #spiral-staircases
Day 1,520
too many mistakes but next time I do better #theme-tidy
Day 1,519
cup of marshmallow
series of 2 for #theme-tidy At the moment no idea for third. Suggestion more than welcome
Day 1,518
cup of milk
something for #theme-tidy One month ago I exchange glass front in my iPhone. It was the first time I broke it ever. When changing paying m...
Day 1,517
tiny people
another window view. Can you spot 2 guys on the roof?
Day 1,516
Morning light
I found 10 minuts before work to tookapic
Day 1,515
Illuminated Gdańsk
Special illumination in Gdańsk to commemorate death of Mayor last year.
Day 1,514
Happy New Year #5
Time flies. Happily Marysia's jacket still fits her. This is the only occasion to put bow tie by Jacek. Hope to post similar photo n...
Day 1,513
Only one shot today, just me in souvenir from Jordan. Back home after long, amazing trip #nomakeup #only-one #oneframetoday
Day 1,512
Jordan day 15
Before departure, such a great two weeks! If anyone plan to visit Jordan, I will be happy to give some advices.
Day 1,511
Jordan day 14
After difficult drive in the morning we arrived to Dead Sea for last night it is only 17 C but water has around 25 so it was pleasant so...
Day 1,510
Jordan day 13
We stay for the night down in Wadi Dana, come back with the car through snake road in the mountain (with great local driver in old Mitsu...
Day 1,509
Jordan day 12
16 km trekking down Wadi Dana
Day 1,508
Jordan day 11
Before heading to Dana we went for short walk to Petra again. This one is with special dedication to my sister who wangted this place to...
Day 1,507
Jordan day 10
We have climbed 100 floors and walked 20 km. Awesome day but I am just exhausted!
Day 1,506
Jordan day 9
It might be my favorite picture from Jordan, at least it is so far. Taken when lost our road.
Day 1,505
Jordan day 8
Lazy day in Aqaba.
Day 1,504
Jordan day 7
We need some relax by the sea before discover more Jordan. Under the palm tree.
Day 1,503
Jordan day 6
The view from famous rock in Wadi Rum. The same Matt Demon climb up at The Martian. IMHO visiting Jordan's Wadi Rum is more interesting t...
Day 1,502
Jordan day 5
We have welcomed New Year best ever. On the desert, in the tent with other 30 people from all around the world and 4 great local guys. Th...
Day 1,501
Jordan day 5
We rent a car for the rest of our trip. First destination is quite close to Amman - Madaba but we did detour to see one of the most inter...