I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.

Year #4 Progress
Day 1,184
sunrise and swans
sunrise and swans Woke up for sunrise as beach is just 5 min walk from hotel. The end of stacation. #sunrise #sea #swans
Day 1,183
Stacation #2
Stacation #2 We visit 2 different museums, Having coffe and lunch. Heading to cinema soon. #fisheye-lens #fisheye
Day 1,182
Stacation I won 2night stay in Mercure Hotel in Gdynia. I am going behave as tourist. This is my room view taken with fisheye. Not mine, just second e...
Day 1,181
city with 300 mm (600 equivalent) city looks different
Day 1,180
roses from friend
roses from friend I am so tired after long day I had yesterday.
Day 1,179
Messe Frankfurt
Messe Frankfurt One day business trip
Day 1,178
back stage
back stage Important shooting at school, 5 people, portraits and group photo. I am wondering if any of my photo is good enough to be on the cover of r...
Day 1,177
Dutch painting
Dutch painting Imitating dutch paintings mood at school
Day 1,176
Waterfront another frame for #theme-city-lines taken in #gdynia #waterfront #windows #facade
Day 1,175
Selfie time
Selfie time I am still paparazzi.
Day 1,174
city lines
city lines taken from my office window, so different thanks to super zoom lens #theme-city-lines #crossing #pedestrian #pedestrian-crossing
Day 1,173
city lines
city lines somethnig for WT #theme-city-lines
Day 1,172
beach I am not very much into super zoom lens, but as I have it for this week, why not to take opportunity to look for new frames. This one is taken f...
Day 1,171
facade I got a super zoom for a couple of days. This is perfect idea to shot some facades from distance. #theme-glass
Day 1,170
sunrise 5 girls woke up before sunrise to take some nice photos, but we have not check weather forecast. Despite grey and rainy morning we tried to ta...
Day 1,169
Blog Running a blog requirees a lot of self disciplines. Practising PS a lot when preparing collage with azulejos
Day 1,168
glass Have you seen 1983 by Netflix? In one episode there was a few second scene taken from this place. #gdynia #seatowers #theme-glass
Day 1,167
a lot of lamps
a lot of lamps just a #ceiling with #lamps in the shopping center
Day 1,166
more red
more red this is one of the most photographed places by me in Gdynia. My idea is to have more colorfull strike than last weeks.#theme-glass
Day 1,165
clove pinks
clove pinks playing with macro lens
Day 1,164
at school
at school Shooting with Damian and Martyna was a great experience. I have a lot of quite decent material to work with.
Day 1,163
photoshooting Martyna is taking photo at photowalk at school
Day 1,162
6 I was looking for some frozen water but just found 6 ducks
Day 1,161
A bit frozen
A bit frozen Morning walk with customers. It was freezing cold and lovely sunny.