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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#7 242/365
2 streak
Day 1,825
Photography is LIFE
If 5 years ago someone told me that I’d be taking daily photos for 1825 days straight, I’d laugh. First - I can’t do it. Second -...
Day 1,824
The one
I took #fibi for another #walk today. Same #forest, different #path. When I shot this pic, I knew this was the one. It had to be. Camera batte...
Day 1,823
We were supposed to spend the afternoon at a birthday party, but once we got out of the car, one of the kids felt sick, so we had to drive back h...
Day 1,822
Movie night
Finally got to #watch a #movie together. And we only had like 4 "crying baby" breaks. Good evening, I guess.
Day 1,821
Afternoon walk
45 minute #walk. New path found. Did some #exploring. #theme-doggos
Day 1,820
Since the days are shorter and we don't spend much time in the garden anymore, we got a #TV. A big one. Huge! We placed it in our "cinema" room and...
Day 1,819
Dead tree
Another day, another #morning #walk with #fibi. No dog photo this time, but we found this and it looked cool and so we took a pic.
Day 1,818
Bed time reading
I think I need to get out of the house even when it rains.
Day 1,817
No good photos. It rains 24/7.
Day 1,816
Went to the #trainstation to pick up my sister. Shot some photos of trains, but I thought I'd publish a pic that fits the weekly #theme-square...
Day 1,815
Went for the 6am #walk again today and the weather was spectacular. Just before the #sunrise, the #fog was so dense. Took some really cool shots...
Day 1,814
6am walk
Went for another walk today. This time, early in the #morning. And this time, I took the camera with me. I put the #fujinon on. It's a $35 le...
Day 1,813
Fibi the Explorer
Went to the vet again today to do some blood tests and check the tumors we found under her skin. Turned out it was just some extra f...
Day 1,812
The Park
For the next two weeks or so, our town park will be the most beautiful place in the city. And then, it'll become wet, cold and grey.
Day 1,811
Instagram :/
I almost ditched social media entirely and was free from Facebook and Instagram for more than a year. Unfortunately that's where Tookapic...
Day 1,810
Last day of summer
Well, that's it. It's the last day of #summer. One of the few things I like about autmn is the light and colors you can find in the...
Day 1,809
Stayed up way past bedtime to play Legos. This time with what's left from my old, 1989 Pirate Island set and 1993 Pirate Ship set. Still as fun a...
Day 1,808
Whisky + Lego
Obviously the Legos are not complete sets. Just some random leftovers. So we spent the evening building some wird vehicles.
Day 1,807
Got a letter
Got mail from @artlobo today. Tookapic print of me crying at Tookapic's third birthday. Good times. Thank you!
Day 1,806
Glorious neighbor
Well, the series continues. This time with one of the most incredible rainbow I have ever seen. Funny, when it's sunny and it rains...
Day 1,805
Washin Legos
My older son found some #legos in my home office yesterday and had a lot of fun with it. So today I dug out my old Legos from the garage....
Day 1,804
For the players
Got PS+, downloaded Batman Arkham Knight, Darksiders 3, bought Titanfall 2. Ended up playing good old Diablo 3. #playstation #ps4 #4th...
Day 1,803
Birthday girl
8 years old today. #happybirthday to #fibi the dog.
Day 1,802
I admit, this does look like a squirrel ran over by a truck... But it's actually pretty good #dessert. I think today we had the last #barbec...