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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#7 242/365
2 streak
Day 1,095
4 years already
So here I am. One year after - posting another 365th pic. Congratulations to me. I now have almost...
Day 1,094
Goodnight kiss
Autofocus on Fuji does not work in low light conditions. Period. But obviously, I like the photo anyway. One more to go in year III. #i...
Day 1,093
New toothbrush
A toothbrush that flickers when you use it is all it takes to convince a kid that brushing teeth is fun. What an amazing invention. #in...
Day 1,092
Crunching numbers from September. Still no "Salaries" category in the Expenses tab. Maybe one day. Maybe. Streak pic due to lack of time today....
Day 1,091
Testing t-shirts
Those of you who ordered our t-shirts know that it can sometimes take weeks to get them delivered. That's because the process is 100%...
Day 1,090
Gold it is
Worked late. Rewarded myself with an ice-cold glass of beer. I could probably post pics of nicely lit glasses of beer for the whole week :P...
Day 1,089
This morning we went to see airshow taking place in our city. It was so cold and windy that we had to leave 15 mins after arriving. Not much t...
Day 1,088
Too soon
Went to my favorite lonely tree spot to take another pic of it - this time I was hoping for autumn themed one. But I turns out I went to soon...
Day 1,087
So it began. Getting chilly outdoors. Today I went to take some test shots at the place I will be doing a photoshoot soon. Put the 35mm f/2 on th...
Day 1,086
I was asked to take few pics of our coworking space. Community is growing and it's nice to capture it in photos. And that's also the space wher...
Day 1,085
When you see it...
Getting home after any abroad trip always means a lot of catching up. So I did not have much time today for a proper pic. Had to dr...
Day 1,084
Leaving Munich
First flight got delayed 2 hours. Second one got also delayed ~3 hours, then cancelled. Then I was rebooked for a flight departing anot...
Day 1,083
Thank you Switzerland!
Thank you for having me in Nyon. It was a wonderful experience to meet and talk to you all in person. From the left: @photoluc...
Day 1,082
Another trip
I managed to stay in Poland for what? Two weeks? Going on another quick trip tomorrow morning. Leaving at 2:30 am. I'll try to get at lea...
Day 1,081
Pumpkin soup
With some (a bit burned) croutons. Still unbelievably delicious. I should've taken this on a different background. Blue or even plain whi...
Day 1,080
Taken at 11:59:53 pm. Because I'm lazy and stupid. But only today. Or at least I hope I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Cheers! #friday #night #...
Day 1,079
That feeling!
That feeling after nice, warm, evening bath just before going to sleep in a warm comfy bed. That guy seems to like that feeling. Another...
Day 1,078
What I really like about the E-M5 is that I have so many old manual lenses for it. I've been playing with the Fujian today. #night #computer #w...
Day 1,077
I had two recordings at the local radio station today. One of which was a total surprise and I was not prepared at all. One was about learning p...
Day 1,076
Retake of - this time in the freezer. Turned out pretty cool. No porters for me yet. But a lager won't do any...
Day 1,075
The User's Journey
I got another book on my Kindle. I'm will probably go bankrupt because of this device. Reading about user journey in products like...
Day 1,074
Fun afternoon
We had a little mother - son dance off today. Boy, that little guy loves dancing. And I love having the old E-M5 back. I don't know what...
Day 1,073
Detoxicating continues after almost a week of partying in Greece. Not "like in the old times" partying - that would've probably killed me now, but...
Day 1,072
I'm still out of balance after coming back from Greece. Today was actually the first day I had proper sleep in like two weeks. But damn! I...