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Paweł Kadysz

During my first 365 project I missed a community focused around the idea of daily photo taking. So I created one. That's how tookapic was born. I'm glad you're here! Welcome!
#7 248/365
6 streak
Day 365
The best photo ever
This is it. This is my 365th photo. It’s the best I’ve ever taken. And probably most important to me. Don’t be fooled by the size...
Day 364
Look how cute
I just had to take a pic of this little car. Look how cute it it. Except it's not. I wonder who actually drives it. Tomorrow... #october...
Day 363
Self portrait
Last pic with a friend this year. Already looking forward to starting another project. I am kind of stressed about the fact only two day...
Day 362
We went to our favourite pizza place this afternoon. Not the most sophisticated photo I've ever taken, but I really like the light in this one....
Day 361
We took a short walk today. Unfortunately I took the wrong battery with me. The one that was almost dead. I had 20-30 shots left on it. But manag...
Day 360
I decided to finally edit the video from our trip to Zakynthos. I must admit, I'm quite amazed with the footage quality I got from GoPro. 5 da...
Day 359
Nothing special today. Just me holding two tickets, but I want to remember this day. My wife got two tickets for a sold out opera. And those we...
Day 358
Glider landing
I went to my favourite spot to take a photo of the sun setting. I cought few gliders landing nearby. Managed to shoot this one. It turn...
Day 357
Shiny shoes
I've been helping someone with a photography project today. We've been figuring out the best lighting for it. This is one of the test shot...
Day 356
Unitra T6101
I was looking for something for the weekly theme. And found this old, black and white TV. It's Unitra T6101. And it is old. Probably from...
Day 355
Kids cycling
Out of focus, noisy, a bit blurred and underexposed. But I really like it. I was taking pics near the place where we live. Cought those t...
Day 354
That sky!
We went for a nice long walk in the afternoon. I managed to shoot quite a few nice pics. I even took a pic of a squirrel eating a nut or som...
Day 353
No hands it is
Challenge accepted. How it's done you might ask. Well, when you're close to finishing your 365 project, weird things start to happen. O...
Day 352
It's been raining all day. The light outside is so... dull. No time for a pic during the day. Need to use the home studio again. But I'm run...
Day 351
Too much power
I need to be more careful when setting up the strobe. It can be really powerful. Too powerful sometimes. #indoors #thursday #fall #even...
Day 350
Evening walk
We took a short walk in the nearby forest today. It was right after sunset so the light wasn't very good. A lot of post processing in thi...
Day 349
The pavement
I noticed I don't walk around the city anymore. I live outside the city. Our office isn't in the centre either. I just drive through the...
Day 348
New skill
Missed the daylight. Had to improvise in the home studio. I like the end result. There's definitely some room for improvement (not everythin...
Day 347
Creative block
After coming back from Greece I got blocked. Totally. I really hope it'll pass soon. I have less than 20 days left, it would be really...
Day 346
Afternoon coffee
Back from Greece. It's always difficult for me to switch back to the "normal life". We should travel more. #afternoon #food #saturday...
Day 345
Fried squid
Besides few pitas I never order any meat. Sea food was all I was eating during the trip. This was our last day. Got the fried squid. And i...
Day 344
Went for another trip across the island. Had a beer at the lighthouse in Keri. This is a place with one of the most spectacular view. I'm publish...
Day 343
The view
I just love airbnb. This was our second booking, and it may have been even better than the last year. Good price, amazing view, friendly host...
Day 342
One litre carafe of white wine, sea food and a cup of espresso for dessert. Simply delicious. Another good day in Zakynthos, Greece. #afternoon...