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craig Excellent work Satoshi! Hello Curio!

Satoshi T Hi Craig and Morag! Nice to meet you! ^^

Michael Gatton I love that the dark and light patterns on Curio echo the dark and light on you - like a well-matched pair!

Satoshi T Thank you for your observation Michael!

airey Very nice selfie-protrait! :)

Satoshi T Nice to see you Airey!

My Confetti Moon Fabulous work & selfie!!

Satoshi T Thank you MyConfettiMoon!

Agnieszka Wichrowska Super, light is great!

Satoshi T Thank you Agnieszka I like lighting!

bvphotosnap Beautiful lighting and details!

Satoshi T Thank you bvphotosnap!

m_rudziewicz Cool cat and a cool photo too!

Satoshi T Thank you m_rudziewicz!

Rohini Love the lighting and a great selfie too @Satoshi !:)

Satoshi T Thank you Rohini. I like your Through the tree!

vera Some similarities with the white mustaches, funny!;-)

Satoshi T Nice point of view, Thank you vera ;-)

Kevin Drum I love this. Very remarkable

Satoshi T Thank you Kevin I am glad you loved it!

tania Nice to meet you Satoshi ! Well done with the light...

Satoshi T Nice to meet you tania. I enjoy lighting.

Aneta Muszkiewicz Very nice photo! I love Curio's hair and your beard and mustaches hairs I can see most single ones. Pat Curio from me ^^

Satoshi T Thank you very much Aneta. Curio says Best regards for you! =^^=

Natalie LOVE this one!! The energy, the spirit, and unspoken words - all is there! Great job, Satoshi!

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