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bvphotosnap Very creative and execution of this image Satoshi!

Artur Łobocki Good work!

Tomasz Dolata Good job :) looks like a "star wars"

egzist This REAL magic!

Michael Gatton Nice little trick, well done Satoshi!

Satoshi T Thank you @bvphotosnap , @Artur , @tomasz , @egzist and @chan . now I'm a novice wizard, I can use such a weak orange ray. I want to grow like as @Jesse 's sister. "Sith sister #2".

My Confetti Moon Awesome fun :)

Satoshi T Its interesting to expose twice. Thank you @My Confetti Moon!

Chris Breitigan Neat! Glad to read about how you accomplished it, very well done

Satoshi T Thank you @Chris . It's difficult to start the fire same position with finger :)

Jennifer Faye Very cool