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Jesse Lind Thank you for the thoughts! I do somewhat agree :) :)

vera It's very cool to see people in the staircase! they give life!

Chris Breitigan This is really cool Jesse, well done! I've been wanting to get a cool staircase picture too but haven't found any opportunities yet

Jesse Lind Thanks @Chris! :)

My Confetti Moon Wonderful! I too like the addition of the people in the photo :)

Jesse Lind Thank you @My

Ian Prince Wow Jesse, what a staircase! You've photographed it so well! The light, contrast and shadows are just perfect. I also like how the people show how big the spiral is. Now you've made me want to travel to Rome :) Thanks for thinking of me, I'm touched.

Jesse Lind Thank YOU for all of the inspiration! :):)

Balazs Silber You have got really-really good and nice shots! Congrat for your work!

Jesse Lind Thank you @Balazs! :D

Magda Korzewska This is the most interesting spiral staircase I have ever seen as this is double, separate for going up, and down. Great pic Jesse.

Jesse Lind Thanks Magda! :)

agnieszka bladzik it was already on tookapic ["Untitled"], got the same shot when I was there but was to 'close' in timeframe to the one posted on tookapic. Is it only me with the tought 'i won't publish my photo as similar was already there'? ;) i love this staircase, good photo

Jesse Lind Oh!! I didn't even know! I'm sorry about that *~*

agnieszka bladzik no reason to be sorry, great stairas, a lot of photos :D

lind777 The light/shade contrast is amazing! Great photo.

Wioleta all your photos are beutiful , i love it

Jesse Lind Thank you Wioleta! You are too kind :)

tania How funny ! I received the very same picture a couple of weeks ago from a friend :)

Jesse Lind Ha ha! That is funny ;)

tania heu... no ! Yours is better !

Zofia Barszczowska Wow! It's beautiful!

Jesse Lind Thank you!!! :D

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