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Jule Great colours! (Also yay, a fellow German!)

jokele Thanks, @Jule! Yay, now we are at least two Germans here ;-)

Jule That's great! I think most people are from Poland or Switzerland right?

jokele Yep, I think you're right. A lot of people here are from Poland. But that's no wonder, it's a Polish website :-) It's great that here are so many different nationalities.

Jule That's true. I love internationality :)

Magda Ko Fantastic

jokele Thanks, @magda :)

bvphotosnap This is an awesome composition! I especially love the soft gold!

My Confetti Moon Awesome spiderweb & light :)

Grace stunning!

Margie This is just a really special photo.

Satoshi T It is a magic of morning!

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