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I spent the evening writing a blog post about my 365 project. It's in polish, but here it is. If you're polish and you like it or agree with it, feel free to share it on your Facebook page or Twitter. Perhaps it'll inspire someone to start their own 365 project.

  • Margie

    I was just tooo curious not to know what you wrote, and so copied and pasted the entire thing into Google Translator and was able to get a sometimes humorous version of what you wrote. I am grateful for your passion and totally understand the importance of a personal passion in one's life. Thanks for being a visionary and for helping all of us to find meaning in ours.

  • Paweł Kadysz

    I just read Google's translation. I must admit, it's not that bad. Some weird sentences here and there but overall it's a decent translation.

  • Margie

    I think it works really well. I have been curious about how everyone on Tookapic from different countries and speaking different languages can communicate so easily on our posts.

  • Asia

    Hahaha, trafiłam tu z artykułu na fotoblogii. Gratuluję sukcesów, chciałabym kiedyś być równie zmotywowana i wytrwała 😀

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