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Probably the weirdest Fibi photo I've ever taken. She's was watching the sunset again. And I loved the contrast of the her yellowish fur and the blue sky. Had to capture that contrast.

Look how sharp that photo is. This was taken handheld. I made it available for free download so you can see it in full view. Damn. This Zeiss lens on the RX100 is sharp.

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  • Magda Ko

    Cool point of view 😀 I like it

    • Chris Breitigan

      I'm curious as to how you got such a wide angle when it looks like that camera has a 24-70mm lens? I think the picture is great I'm just not sure I understand how you got the wide angle like this. That lens look super sharp but have you missed the ability to change lenses at all?

      • Paweł Kadysz

        In this photo the camera was lying on the floor, lens pointing up, and the dog was sitting over it. 24mm was enough to get this wide angle.

        The lens is 24-70mm equivalent for full frame sensor, which is pretty versatile. Of course, you can't change the lens on RX100, but I'm fine with that. It's a compact camera and that's what I was looking for.

      • Roman Czarny

        Super approach to the concept of perspective

        • Kazziz

          One of the best dog photos I've seen. And definitely the most original.

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