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Satoshi T I was surprised to voting results. I'm afraid of the people are no longer to have a margin...

craig I feel certain it will lead to a second Scottish independence referendum. The people of Scotland have voted to remain by a large majority.

Satoshi T I imagine a lot of people of Scotland that said they want to remain in the EU.
so I also fear the crisis of fragmentation of the Scotland and U.K. ...

noun Beautiful pic! An sad day!

Rohini Beautiful pic and somehow depicts the sadness of the day.

Hanna Gawrychowska Beautiful photo.

Grace Beautiful photo. I got chased by a swan last night while doing a long exposure! I was surprised by the results

craig I was shocked. The Scottish Government have now said that they are preparing the documentation for a second independence referendum. I think if it is required it will be successful this time.

Grace wow, a lot of change happening in the world...

Roman Czarny Great close and very artistic performance

Eva I was shocked by the results, especially because I'm worried about Italy's future too: we are aall bond! Anyway, beautiful picture. I really love it!

craig Thanks Eva! The fallout still continues here, a second referendum on Scottish independence seems very likely and things are getting a bit nasty in some areas of England. Our Scottish first minister is doing all possible to try and remain in the EU given that we voted overwhelmingly to stay. I really hope Italy doesn't have to go through this.

Eva I'm terrified by this possibility.

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