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Margie Oh my gosh! You are in London. I have a crush on Big Ben. Awesome composition and treatment of the photo! Bon voyage! And Congratulations!

Amarnath Shiva Congratulations and have a nice time

My Confetti Moon Sorry to confuse you @Margie & @Amarnath I have since edited to add 'Looking back' at the very beginning. This image is tagged July 2015. I added an overlay in attempt to give the image a worn, older look to use as theme since it was my intent to capture time as mentioned & obviusly a clock :) My apologies for the confusion! Must say though that the 20 day trip was everything & more! We hope to continue on from Rome one day :) Thank you for the well wishes & congrats - so very nice of you both :))

Margie Oh that's so funny! It was still nice to see Big Ben and your photo treatment is great. I am going to have to break down one of these days and get Photoshop and get some training.

My Confetti Moon Thank you so much! @Margie

Tomasz Dolata Beautiful shot of Elizabeth Tower:)Bullseye topic!

My Confetti Moon Thanks & appreciation! @Tomasz

bvphotosnap Beautiful history in more than one way! Fab image!

My Confetti Moon Thank you :)) @bvphotosnap you always leave wonderfully worded comments! I appreciate that

Roman Czarny No matter when shown how important - for me, great job

My Confetti Moon So nice of you :) thanks a bunch l! @Roman

Michael Gatton Lovely effect and composition!

Satoshi T Very nice Big Ben with old touch effect! It has fit in the theme of Time :)

elenagutga I love this image! The edition is just great, it gives it a beautiful look, almost unreal... It would be an awesome postcard of London! :)

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much! @elenagutga & I appreciate thebgreat tip :)