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bvphotosnap Very creative!

Satoshi T Thank you @bvphotosnap !

My Confetti Moon Fun time theme ending! Like all the thought out details :)

Satoshi T Thank you @My Confetti Moon!

craig Superb as always!

Satoshi T Thank you @craig !

120mr SBB clock! <3

Kazziz Swiss made! :D

Satoshi T Yes! Thank you @Kazziz !

Satoshi T I found it at watch shop and I bought immediately. Thank you @120mr and @vera !

Kasia Szyszko great pic :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Kasia !

Tomasz Dolata great as always :)but I wait what happens this week, your favorite trains in the topic!!!!

Kazziz yup, same thought this morning. What will Satoshi do for Trains week!

Satoshi T Yeah, I'm glad to hear weekly theme! Thank you @Tomasz !

Satoshi T This week I will took Japanese real train. It was not so much taken up to now... I had interested in Foreign Train and Models only.... but now I
review my own feet... It is a effect of Tookapic! Thank you @Kazziz !

Kazziz go for it, Satoshi, don't stop! Ever!

Satoshi T Thank you Kind word, @Kazziz :)

Roman Czarny Superb

Satoshi T Thank you @Roman !

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