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Satoshi T Beautiful rays through the fog. This old touch reminds me @My 's style. very nice @bvphotosnap !

bvphotosnap Thank you @Satoshi!

Grace Wow I really like the light!

bvphotosnap Thank you @Grace!

Margie Gorgeous light.

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @Margie!

My Confetti Moon Wonderful shot! I especially like that there are cars on the road to be able to put the size of the redwoods in perspective :)

bvphotosnap Thank you @My :)

Błażej Krzyżanek Beautiful!

bvphotosnap Thank you!

Amarnath Shiva Beautiful rays of light

bvphotosnap Thank you @Amarnath :)

jokele Great with the light rays and the car, so you can imagine the size of the trees

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @jokele

Joost van Halm Love it!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @Joost!

Tomasz Dolata Great shot, really I like the light beam!!!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @Tomasz :)

Roman Czarny Excellent lighting and this is the moment that I love

bvphotosnap Many thanks @Roman

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