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Roman Czarny The miracle of technology in a great light

Satoshi T This time I used 3 lights. Top, left for lens reflection and right bottom for detail of bellows. Thank you @Roman !

tania Oooo ! Blue!

Satoshi T Yes my favorite blue! Thank you @tania !

craig Such a creative shot!

Satoshi T This time, I was focused on the form. It will not able to take photo because so twisted ! Thank you @craig !

jokele Great tags: monster, dinosaur - you forgot "beast" ;-)

Satoshi T Now I added! Thank you @jokele !

jokele Haha :)

vera Hahaha! Fantastic! Thank you Satoshi for the "echo"... Beautiful presentation, instrument and pic! Is it yours? :-)

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Yes, it is same as "Measureing tool rather than camera". Usually it used on 1 tripod, but I use 2 tripods for represent to curved dynosaurs! Thank you @vera . I got imagenation from your pic!

vera You're welcome! You made a nice association of ideas, and that's very good for creativity ;-) The camera looks really like an animal! :-)

My Confetti Moon Stunning light against that magnificent blue! Wonderful tech theme!!

Satoshi T I really like making light like as stage lighting of a theater. Thank you @My Confetti Moon!

Joost van Halm I agree with everyone here: very nice lighting, also a very creative way to picture the camera.

Grace haha awesome dinosaur!

120mr So great composition!

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