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Kazziz That's a shame, Paweł - but of course, I don't blame You. I love Your photos. Like love-love, really. You're a great photographer and I understand it took lots of hard work to get to that level. And because You understood how it works, You help us all, tookapicers, to do the same. You force us to practice, which is good for us, good for You, good for everybody since percentage of shitty photos in the internetz is overwhelming - and it's nice to have a shelter from it here. Weekly themes are something that forces You to think about where to go, when to go there, how at last once in a week shoot a photo on a subject, that in few days will be gone. Since You're the admin here (I loved it in Your last interview when You said, that we're all even here - but let's admit that, You will always be the most respected person on tookapic - at last for me), I'd love to see more of the good example of weekly theme photos.
Why? Because I'm curious what You have to say about that theme. It's like a discussion club and everyone has their own opinion, but we're not talking - we're taking pictures on the discussed subject :)

agnieszka bladzik hmm, It remind me about the discussion about voting on weekly theme. @Paweł you thought we were offended when the topic that we vote were not chosen. But in fact if you don't participate you don't know if the topic is hard or not, what it takes to participate in each one and so on ;)

Paweł Kadysz I get several weekly theme ideas on my email every week. I only choose one of the idea.

agnieszka bladzik my point was that you would understand more if you participate more, not only pick up the topic

Paweł Kadysz Touché. I'll try to participate more.

tigg Ha! Sort of "do as I say, not as I do" but why should you take part; there is nothing compulsory about the weekly theme. It is sometimes challenging, sometimes easy, and sometimes I just don't do it either.

Roman Czarny The beauty of simplicity - very calm and soothing approach - I like this approach to this topic

Tomasz Dolata Beautiful, simple and elegant

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