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Margie I thought you might be in Ohio from your reference to Lakeside, the Amish and the Geauga County Fair. I am in Canton, Ohio and would be happy to meet up with you if you are in our area. Check Google Maps!

Terry Artt It would be good to meet up if I get down there, I will let you know if I am going to Canton, Margie.

Margie There are a couple other Tookapics in Canton too! I have a photo of the Amish buggies among my photos!

Terry Artt Did not see them previously but I like the b&w one, nice composition.

tigg From the thumbnail I would never have guessed this was your photograph. How wonderful. I have read a number of books on Amish communities and their way of life. I think they have something to offer to the modern selfish world.

Terry Artt They probably do but I think it would be very difficult to join them, tigg.

Satoshi T I also have heard about the Amish, but I thought actually it is almost impossible to live completely reject modern technology. I'm surprised.

Terry Artt I do not think they reject all modern technology Satoshi.

Satoshi T I see. They do not use excessive modern technology as a basic way of thinking.

craig Great to see this!

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