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bvphotosnap You go girl!!! :) Love the edit!!

Emilia H. nice to see You :)

Satoshi T Wow lovely!

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much! @Satoshi

Ron Dadoo Haha... I do not know why. since the beginning. I thought that you were a man... :-) I like very much your work

My Confetti Moon Surprise, LOL! Happy you enjoy my photos, thank you @Ron :)

Satoshi T I also confess ... When I began to Tookapic, I thought that @noun is a man....

My Confetti Moon Well I never gave that a thought when I chose to use my edited moon pic for my avatar, so I got a good chuckle at the idea!

Tomasz Dolata Hello pin-up girl :)

vera Cool to see You ! In a great shot! Quiquagenarian pin-up !

My Confetti Moon Thx for the kind words & the chuckle :)) @vera

jokele Hello @My !

Margie This is just great. I don't usually have to look words up but I did from your post. Love the title sooo much and the tilt of the photo and white framed sunglasses. Really appealing and reminds me of the glamorous 40's (which is my favorite TCM era).

My Confetti Moon Well I prefer that giant word to 'middle-age' lol @Margie Thanks very much for the like & great words! Much appreciated :))

elenagutga In your fifties?? You seem to be in your twenties!!! Great selfie! I love the glasses and the lipstick!:)

My Confetti Moon Oh you are sooo kind! @elenagutga thank you, happy you like it :)