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jokele Who of you took the selfie ;-)

Satoshi T Oh Lightbox, tripod and remote switch took me !

Joost van Halm Excellent lighting, contrast and colors. Very nice picture!

Satoshi T Yeah, Light box (60cmx60cm) is very useful!

craig Helo Curio and Satoshi!

Satoshi T Hi Morag and craig!

Margie Oh this is a really expressive photo. The eyes have it! Great job with you and your friend.

Roman Czarny excellent idea and a couple of well-chosen

Tomasz Dolata Curio Selfie :) Satoshi half selfie :D

Satoshi T Haha Thanks :D

elenagutga I love it!:)

NitaR Great shot and beautiful cat (you're looking good too)! I love the cropping - very effective.

vera And you choosed beautiful colors! the background recalls the eye of the cat!

My Confetti Moon Wondeful! @Margie words say it perfect for me :)

Ewa Kudlaty Beautiful eyes and portrait!

jewels Great use of negative space and intriguing composition! I really love it!

mahsa very nice pic<3

Katrina Yu Satoshi, you both have really expressive eyes!

bvphotosnap Great composition and lighting!!

jayce Very nice cat. Great eye expression on the photo

Natalie Gorgeous fur baby and the photo - the colours and the light. I like how you left only half of yourself, giving the main "part" to the kitty (your best half? :) ) Great shot!

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