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Marysia Beautiful yellow eyes! <3 :D

WK Fan Oh so cute!

craig I wish I had played it! It sounds fun! What a really cute cat!

My Confetti Moon Thank you! @craig And it is a fun nighttime twist to regular tag game 😄

Tomasz Dolata Great eyes !!!

Margie Amazing shot with the white and the amber eyes! Great capture!

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much! @Margie

bvphotosnap It sounds like a fun game and maybe kitty knows how to play, or is he playing frozen tag? :D You have captured his big beautiful eyes wonderfully!!

My Confetti Moon Thx very much @bvphotosnap lol yep he was momentarily frozen before his well known pounce & playful wrestle ... I think he needs another indoor cat lol

Shawn Beautiful cat, I love the dark background.

My Confetti Moon Thx very much! 😀 @Shawn appreciate it!

Amarnath Shiva wonderful portrait of the cat

My Confetti Moon Thanks so much 🐱 @Amarnath