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WK Fan Nice and cute cat!

My Confetti Moon Thanks! @WK 😀

minimisio Hypnotizing green eyes :)

bvphotosnap What a sweet little face, great eye contact and framing!!

craig So cute!

jessier 你喜欢猫?我养了一条狗。

My Confetti Moon 爱猫和狗!我被种植,所以总是很多不同类型的宠物和动物 (Used Google Tranlator, hope it works correctly 😀)

vera hehehe! so cute! and what eyes! wow!

My Confetti Moon Many thx @vera 😀

Amarnath Shiva good closesup

Roman Czarny Fantastic striped colleague

My Confetti Moon Thanks 😀 @Roman

elenagutga So cute! Beautiful Green eyes!

My Confetti Moon Thanks very much @elenagutga 😀

jewels Cool idea for the stripes! And lovely kitty :-)

My Confetti Moon Thank you 😊 @jewels

Margie Just wonderful! Everything works together beautifully.