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Tomasz Dolata I wonder where it comes from this tradition? because around the world people are doing the same .... :)

My Confetti Moon Just starting here in USA & not very common actually in my area. I first became aware of it myself when preparing for our 2016 Europe travel. I've heard that parts of China actually has an ancient tradition involving locking chains together. Paris has a popular fence (although was told they were starting to cut locks off due to the weight) Saw one in Rome & told it started due to a popular book/movie. Tour director stated they started popping up in early 2000 throughout Europe to his knowledge. And now here thx to us international travelers & the tech world :) Some communities embrace it & others view it a minimal crime. That's my tidbit report @Tomasz & @vera And I report I'm one of the hopeless romantics lol

bvphotosnap Lovely symbolic image!!

Amarnath Shiva Wonderful B&W pic of symbolic love

craig A few around here not that many though.

Margie Never heard of this before! Fun idea.

elenagutga A lot of these in Spain... I think this tradition comes from a very famous novel from an italian author, "Ho voglia di te", by Federico Moccia. I've read several of his books... very romantic! :)