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WK Fan Lovely!

My Confetti Moon Thx! I knew you would appreciate this one @WK 😊

bvphotosnap You captured a wonderful reflection in his eye!!

My Confetti Moon Ha! I never took a moment to appreciate that; thx for pointing that out! @bvphotosnap

Margie Great and unexpected capture!!

My Confetti Moon Ha ha yep! My Scott & I snickered at the thought of posting it but both agreed Peter is such a part of our lives we just had to!!! @Margie 😄

NitaR He is quite cute! We don't have possums here. I have knit with possum fur though and it is very soft.

My Confetti Moon Wow I never heard of using the fur in such a way; awesome and wish I could see it @NitaR 😀

Tomasz Dolata I do not like them, but this looks sympathetically :)

My Confetti Moon They do; well until they give that toothy snarl lol! @Tomasz 😉

craig Aww who could hold this cute chap in anything but high regard!

My Confetti Moon My sentiment exactly but I do realize they can be destructive and ALSO Peter has stayed away from our chicken coop!!! @craig If he eats a chicken his days will be numbered but we try catch & release into outer rural areas. @craig

Michael Gatton Yep, and our only marsupial, you'd think we would be proud of it!