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Romain Nice "catch" 😃 btw...he looks angry!

My Confetti Moon Thx @Romain He can be intimidating & does not back down, which makes him a perfect flock protector - I make sure to never turn my back on the roosters!

Romain It's like if the say : 'chicken, try if you dare' 😆

Satoshi T Awesome security officer!

bvphotosnap Love the eye contact! I wouldn't turn my back either, this is the reason there is or was cock fights.

Shawn Whoah! I won't mess with him!

My Confetti Moon On most farms he would have been Sunday dinner by now, but he protects the hens from predators so well that we simply deter him with a broom in warm weather & his spurs can't penetrate our winter clothes although he can give a good bruise!

My Confetti Moon The roosters certainly know when it's the best time to attack. I give plenty of wing space & a good hen/rooster ratio so my roosters thankfully don't fight each other. Once though we tried to pen them temporarily but quickly realized the mistake before any injuries. I could clearly see how such fights are possible.

Hanna G. Wow
Beautiful rooster
What a beautiful feathers

My Confetti Moon Thank you 😊 I admit to selecting my chicken breeds based on feather patterns & egg color lol

Comment was deleted

My Confetti Moon Thanks so much! @Alien 😀 For Henery it is more like sunflower seeds lol

Nutt He does look just like a bouncer at a trendy nightclub door - all gloss, glamour and glaring!

Tomasz Dolata Rrotection shed interesting how many takes from the poor chickens :) But seriously beautifully you succumbed to the picture of his majesty !

My Confetti Moon Such a wonderful comment, thx! @Tomasz

Roman Czarny Beautiful