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My Confetti Moon Just like a storybook 😀 Delightful for kids & sweetlovers of all ages!

Satoshi T Merry Christmas @My Confetty Moon!

Roman Czarny Merry Christmas

Satoshi T Merry Christmas @Roman !

Katrina Yu The sweets look sooooo tempting!! Merry Christmas! :)

Satoshi T Merry Christmas @itskatrina !

Margie Perfect focus and beautiful train!

Satoshi T Thanks, Merry Christmas @Margie !

tania Merry Christmas to you. All the best. And bravo for the video ! It was really great.

Satoshi T My first video, my first self-starring, my heart was beating. Thanks @tania and Merry christmas to you!

Boczek Merry Christmas @Satoshi Great shot and idea!

Satoshi T Thanks and Merry Christmas @Boczek !

Romain great composition!

Satoshi T Thank you and Merry Christmas @Romain !

Michael Gatton Beautiful display, and the cargo looks delicious. Nicely done, Satoshi!

Satoshi T Merry Christmas @Michael , Thank you for your comment!

Kazziz Is Your cat-friend the conductor on that train? :D

Satoshi T my cat-friend on a sweet freight car :D

bvphotosnap Beautiful clarity, colour and composition!!

Tomasz Dolata Wonderful composition and beauty imitating white winter :)

Satoshi T It is a tip to make highlights on trees brighter than the snowy surfaces :D Thank you @bvphotosnap and @Tomasz

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you @pyongbricole :D :D :D ! I love Maerklin almost 50 years... please watch my gallery :D

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