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Danuta Amazing photo !!!! : )

Kazziz that blue colour with lemons gives an unnatural combination that I don't like too much (lemons should be yellow and sour! :D), but I have to admit that with underwater air bubbles it looks quite nice :)

tania Hihi... well done Hanna !

Hanna G Thank you Tania
Inspired me your photo.

Satoshi T Nice Tooka-effect!

forestgirl Great shot! 👌

Hanna G Thanks a lot @forestgirl

Margie Love this. Bubbles are the greatest!

Hanna G Thank you @Margie for your kind words

Comment was deleted

Hanna G Thank you @Romain .
I really like your photo.
Yours is 'calm'' and my is 'dynamic' - the different sides of the same lemon 😀
But yours have beautiful colors

bvphotosnap Fabulous as always, love the perspective here!

Hanna G Thank you very much @bvphotosnap. You are kind for me.

Romain maybe... but I like the sharpness of your picture and I miss the freshness at my picture.... I will try it again (when my wife needs some limes again :-) )

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