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Ewa Kudlaty I love it!

Magda Korzewska Thank you Ewa <3

agnieszka bladzik any advice how to chose filters?

Magda Korzewska Agnieszka this year Santa Claus bought a lot of staff for me in this store It is your area. They are very helpfull. They adviced some for my both primes as Santa Claus had no idea what to chose. Please remember that they are quite dark. Indoor it is not so usefull so better to keep your UV filter to protect lens.

agnieszka bladzik thanks :) i still don't have even UV filter ;), but need sth for my 45, also i would like sth for long exposure landscapes like gray filter etc. but I have no idea how to chose those

Kazziz Kazzi the support is here to help! ;) just send me link to closest, local photograpic store.

Magda Korzewska This I think is different. For landscape photography you can have just square filter you put in special ring and than you can use for different lens. I am not sure about 45 for landscape. I think wide angle should be better i think. CPL is good to have more contrast between sky, clouds, water. Probably there are much more pro, but this I do not know yet. Mabye @Kazziz can help?

agnieszka bladzik btw i was thinking that maybe you could write some general tips if it comes to chosing gear in blog post ;)

Kazziz I wish... and will do, cause I find myself much more into tookapic helping since about two weeks :) but it'll be hard to find time before the end of the month to write a bigger article.
Already thinking about filters for Your 45mm :)

agnieszka bladzik few small ones :D the series from Kazziz :D

Magda Korzewska I think we need to organize weekend workshop some day in 2017. To talk about gear, technique and other topics (preferably in polish) to understand and to learn more. I can help with arrangements. What do you think about it? @Kazziz @Paweł @agnieszka ? Maybe Olympus, Nikon or Canon would like to help with accessorizes or training as well?

m_rudziewicz beautiful photo, nice water texture!

Magda Korzewska Thanks for your comment :)

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