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tigg Is this normal for you, or extra cool?

noun It's not very usual that we have so cold with so much wind, it doesn't happend once a year.

120mr Beautiful!

noun Thanks!

365 Shades of Calvados Wow! Breathtaking!

noun Thanks!

Satoshi T Fantastic!

noun Thanks you Satoshi!

Ron Dadoo ah ouais! très bien!

noun Merci !

Margie Fantastic light and brilliance in the water.

noun Thank you very much!

Wioleta wow its great !

noun Thanks!

jokele Extreme! Great pic.

noun Thank you!

Kateli Fabulous capture !

noun Thanks !

jayce Juste féérique

Grace wowwwww thats amazing, I've never been anywhere it does that

Roman Czarny Amazing photo

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