Chris G Beautiful. Well done with the ice...again.

Hanna G Sorry ... next time maybe flowers ...???

Chris G No...I didn't mean you need to change. I meant that once again, you have captured water in a stunning fashion. I apologize for the unintended meaning.

Hanna G Thanks @Chris
Sorry next time - I was joking 💐🌺

Chris G Okay, I actually thought you might be. But I wanted to make sure. Written communication can easily go wrong. I'll know next time. Bring it on!

Kazziz It's easy to misunderstand that black and white pixels, that do not transfer voice tone, facial expression... Hanna, I'm waiting for those flowers - even covered with ice ;)

Kazziz What a wonderful macro. Again! <3

Chris G Oh sure. Make my "again" look bad. I see how it is.

Kazziz since this misunderstanding is solved, I'm intentionally making a reference to clean that bad memories :)

Chris G Harumph. And I'd make a smiley face, but I'm not sure how on this keyboard.

Kazziz I can do it for You and You might copy and paste:
: )
( :

take some smiles, I have plenty in my heart. Use when in bad mood or pass further, it's for everyone.

Wanda Lisiecka Uwielbiam takie zdjęcie:)

bvphotosnap Perfect Hanna!!

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