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Kazziz Or at last until it gets warmer. First thought when I saw the miniature - Magda in Cracow while we're out! You wrote about taking a train further south, so I expected that, but it still hurts. How long are You staying?

Magda Ko It is only longer weekend. We are going back to Gdynia Sunday afternoon. Enjoy beautiful Iceland, I envy you!

Kazziz I am. Selfies project updated, but it's hard to choose best pic of the day from hundreds of photos... and it's even harder to keep myself from taking too many photos!

Magda Ko Go there. Perfect for this week theme

Kazziz "Dakota", tomorrow morning.

Kazziz edit: we drove by, but it was too cold for a 40-min walk. also, we need to leave something for the next visit..

Magda Ko Same with us. We had heavy rain and strong wind.

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