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Kazziz 1/30 at 600mm? WUUUUT!?

Kateli With my new Olympus E-M1 mark II camera and my 75-300 mm lens ! What is surprising or strange ??

Kazziz 5 EV...

Kateli ???? You've got to explain, I'm puzzled !

Kazziz For a sharp photo, it's said that You should 1/focal length exposure time, so it should be 1/600s.
1/600, 1/300, 1/150, 1/60, 1/30... it's 5 EV difference.

But I have used 75-300 with my E-M10 Mark II and 1/50 was critical.

adamg but... it was 300 mm - not 600 mm :)
this camera also have 5-axis sensor stabilization - so, old rules are not current, some times ;)
In fact - this shot is very nice!

Kateli Thank you !!!

craig Nice shot with different light.

Kateli Thanks @craig !

Satoshi T Nice composition!

Kateli Thanks @Satoshi T.

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