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Kamil Kaczor Wow, i love it! It is nice that i inspired you, thank you for sharing it Satoshi!

Kazziz Satoshi, You know, that our Pendolino doesn't have the tilting mechanism, don't You? :D

Satoshi T Thank you @creonphotography and @Kazziz . When I saw "Work" , I felt the body of ED250 like a trapezoid. So I thought your Pendolino have tilting mechanism.

Kazziz as far as I remember, it does not since the gain from it without re-building whole network of railways would be small and it was cheaper that way... political decision, with it's fans and critics. @creonphotography might know more ;)

Kamil Kaczor As @Kazziz said, polish Pendolino is the only one which haven't tilting mechanism because in Poland our rails network is very bad developed, not for new technologies. So PKP choose cheaper non-tilting version. In jokes we say that Pendolino on polish rails is as Lamborghini at polish streets, but this is true, Pendolino ED-250 is not bad train, but not for our rails. ED-250 never reach V-max in normal drive, only in test drive it reached over 290 km/s, but it's impossible in normal drive with passengers.

Satoshi T Thank you @Kazziz and @creonphotography ! In a sense, the circumstances surrounding E351 are similar. In other words, we can not afford to improve the infrastructure such as rough rails, narrow tunnels and old overhead lines... our main line gauge is only 1067mm!!:"I love model trains". So we decide to using Pendolino mechanism to E351 bodies not have to much slow down with the curves. BTW, potential of ED-250 is amazing!! V-max of E351 is only 160 km/h, and at normal drive with passengers is only ...130 km/h X).

Kamil Kaczor Wow, i didn't know about it. In Poland main line gauge is 1435mm, so a little bit more than in Japan. In Poland is the same trouble, more of infrastructure is old. We have got ED-250 with good V-max and great potential, but because of the rails can only drive 160 km/h with passengers. Only in one stretch of road, CMK (Centralna Magistrala Kolejowa) [the newest section of the rails in Poland] Pendolino ED-250 can drive 200 km/h with passengers, it's over 200 km of road.

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