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Madgdalena I want disappear until spring comes. <3

Katrina Yu I know! The cold just makes a hermit out of everyone. :D

Edyta Awesome!!! :O

Satoshi T Superb work @itskatrina !

Katrina Yu Thank you so much Satoshi :D :D

Ron Dadoo oh nooooo... It is not interesting as streep tease ;-)

Katrina Yu hahaha! You have to have special glasses to be able to see the muted parts. ;)

Tomasz Cekało How did you do that? :O

Katrina Yu This is fairly easy Tomasz. Given having a basic knowledge of photoshop, take two photos - a background and a person in the same background. Open photoshop with the background as the base, put the person on top then mask out the parts you want to disappear. ;)

Hope it helps!

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Oh oh *blushes* Thank you Prienne!! <3

Tomasz Janusz Szeremeta but the shadow did not disappear

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Oh, you noticed! :D I decided to just include it. For I like to think that ghosts though they are invisible, but not totally for those who pay attention. ;)

Yumi Miyazaki WOWWWW! u have partial missing part of your body! awesome! its magic

Katrina Yu Thank you, Yumi!! Magic and photoshop are synonymous to me ;) ;)