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Anne I'm so impressed that every day, every photo you take is really, really good. I like paper heart very much! :))

Katrina Yu Oh thank you, Ann! There are good days and bad days too :)
I got this paper heart from etsy if you're curious:

Prienne You surprise us every day!

Feel everything... that's good wish, but sometimes it's hard and we are brave not enough. So... maybe it's time to change it:)

Katrina Yu And you surprise us every day too! I always wonder what you're up to next whenever I logged in tookapic, I relate with you in the way you create art and emotions in your photos. :D

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Katrina Yu <3 sending love your way!! xx

Satoshi T Very delicate portrait with paper heart. <3

Katrina Yu Thank you Satoshi! <3

Yumi Miyazaki Katrina, paper heart!!! Very fragile heart! But stronger than glass heart! Great idea! And 213 coool number LOL!!

Katrina Yu Oh oh! Yumi, did you know that wedding anniversary's have a list name? On the first year is "paper" and on the 15th year is "crystal"
So I guess they deemed that glass is sturdier than paper thru time.

Yumi Miyazaki What ??? Really?? Im gonna look! What i know as a joke in chinese is.. 1st year is 愛人 (lover) , 2nd year is 家人 (family), 3rd year is 用人 (servant) 😂😂😂.

Hanna Gawrychowska Katrina, you are awesome person.
I admire your creativity, intelligence, and empathy - it shows in your photos

Katrina Yu Thank you for this Hanna. You're very kind.

Edyta Beautiful :)

Bartosz Pussak You are excellent artist!

aldabwoods Our hearts are delicate, like paper. Really nice depiction!