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Satoshi T Thanks :D

Kazziz Oh, Satoshi, master of macro shots where _everything_ is insanely sharp, longing for shallow DOF? Hmm, how to help... maybe try using Your 100/2.8 macro, but at f/2.8-4, not f/22 this time? :D
Also, 25/1.8 from close distance also gives a shallow DOF.
But this shot is good in it anyway.

Satoshi T I surely saw bokeh of @Paweł 's Fujian and it is being influenced. It must be Tookaeffect :) btw, I think carefully, I always use 100mm macro with only close aperture! To create shallow DOF, I found that there are other options in my equipments. Thanks @Kazziz !

Satoshi T For technical info: This morning I try to make same pic using 100mm f/2.8 macro and 25mm f/1.8. Result: I can't create such shallow DOF. I recognize that it is important to use long focal length lens at close range is more important than aperture.

Kazziz it also depends on the kind of defocus blur You want to get. It's different from long using another focal length, different from aperture and different from another distance of focusing. In DOF calculators You'd get theoretically similar result from 20mm/1.8 and 200mm/2.8 with certain distance and aperture used, but those photos be completely different.

I see now what You wanted to get and I've learned something myself :)))

it's tookapic - it's about learning :)

Kazziz Satoshi-sensei <3 You're such an inspiring person!

bvphotosnap You certainly have succeeded with a tack sharp lock closest and beautiful bokeh on the other! Excellent work!

Satoshi T Thank you @bvphotosnap . I enjoy playing with bokeh!

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