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Glider landing

I went to my favourite spot to take a photo of the sun setting. I cought few gliders landing nearby. Managed to shoot this one. It turned out pretty well.

7 days left.

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  • agnieszka bladzik

    uuu great gradient 😀

    • Peter

      What a shot! Right place, right time 😉

    • Ian Prince

      7 days: tic, toc....

      • Paweł Kadysz

        Very funny 😉 It's not my first 365 project, but it still feels a bit weird at the end. Getting closer to the 365th pic makes you realize how quickly those 365 days went by. And it kind of stresses me out.

        Just a little more than a year ago I was writing about the finishing of my first 365 project. privat.ly/post/94736019858/... I mentioned my fiancée and building tookapic. The fiancée became the wife. And tookapic is now a complete product. It's amazing how much can happen during just one year.

        • Ian Prince

          I still have 90 days to go but I'm starting to feel a bit weird too about getting to the end!

          Thanks for sharing your write-up. Yeah, time does go by fast (just wait till you have kids! ;), and that's one of the awesome things about a 365 project, marking the passage of time 😀

          In any case, based on your recent shots, you definitely seem to be finishing strong 😀 I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what your 365th photo will be 😉 Oh, the pressure 😉

    • Joel G Mwakasege Jr.

      It turned out brilliantly

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