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This was probably one of the worst train ride I have ever been on. It's all because one young man who smelled so bad that every single one of the passengers in the coach had their mouths and noses covered.

And this wasn't a homeless stench. It was like he's had his shoes on since kindergarden and then suddenly took them of in that train.

I moved to another coach when I started to get dizzy.

Bad, bad trip.

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    • azumac

      I'm glad you survived to tell us the story!

      • Madgdalena

        PKP Intercity. Zapowiada się dobra podróż.

        I was working in PKP Intercity. In summer a lot of people was calling to our helpline and they wanted compensation because of bad smells. 😛

        • Michał

          W Holandii niestety sporo ludzi również ma "alergię" na mydło...

          • Satoshi T.

            sad. From the photograph this looks like a new type ICCC coach, but there is such a story... The old coach was able to open the window, but recently it is sealed with an air conditioner car so it will be troublesome like this.

              • Daniel Zaleski

                DART by Pesa? What a pity, such bad behaviour ...

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