Same place. Same floor. Different angle. Not that minimal. Not that nice. I like the chaotic feel of this pic though.

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  • Magda Ko

    me too, great compsition.

    • vera

      Me too! I think there is differents beauties in pics. Some are minimalist, it's a pure beauty, elegance! but there is also a beauty defined by the rich content, with a lot to look at, and it is like an hypnotic pic. Your eyes can't stop to run all around to find a new detail!

  • Artur Łobocki

    I like when it's "not that nice" 😀

    And there's no single human out there

    • Alek Jedliński

      Reminds me of photos of apartment skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

      • Satoshi T

        From the same place, you use same lens ... It's incredible difference between +Hello Warsaw and this.

        • Ann

          When I see picture like this, I'm happy I don't live in Warsaw 😉 But photo is great!

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