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tania Nice text and nice cake... I'd like to be there tonight...

Jesse Lind Join me! :)

noun Me too!!
Jesse, I agree with Tania, Very nice text and the cake look so good!!!

Bridget Braun I would kill for some cake right now!

Jesse Lind Um... should I be worried?

Bridget Braun Haha no no I just love cake! Hope it was delicious!

Jesse Lind Oh it was, and still is. :)

tigg You are such a thoughtful young lady. This one will get you loads of likes!

Jesse Lind Ha ha thanks, I am actually a boy. :) Don't worry, everyone gets my name messed up, but JessE is a boys name and JessIE is a girls name. :)

tigg Sorry. :( I make a habit of this kind of thing!

Jesse Lind Don't worry! It's fine! :)

Paweł Kadysz Thank you @Jesse this means a lot. Looking forward to your 365th ;)

Jesse Lind I'm counting down the days! :)

Suzanne Lovely gesture and sentiment Jesse. Well done indeed.