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Romain Cool... This is so typical in the North America continent.... A yellow school bus.... Here there is no difference between a school bus or other propose.

bvphotosnap oh my really? wow..

Margie Oh sorry you are sick. You were lucky to get that capture out your window!!!! Feel better soon.

bvphotosnap Thank you very much Margie! ☺

craig Well done on getting a theme shot out your window!

bvphotosnap Thank you @craig!! ☺

Romain btw... Is southland the name of the school? Or the region? Have every school his own bus?

bvphotosnap It might be the region :/ I think the buses are run through the town. It might be the company name. Every school here has the same buses.

jokele Get well soon and good luck with the plane tomorrow ;-)

bvphotosnap Thank you @jokele! Its an overcast day today so I'll have to think of something else ☺

Tomasz Dolata Super, still such a bus with this new front I did not see :) There is one in our area but more as an attraction... Great shot @bvphotosnap :)

bvphotosnap Thanks so much @Tomasz !! ☺
An attraction? You mean that they do not build front ends like this there?

Romain @Tomasz , @bvphotosnap ..I never saw a yellow schoolbus here in Belgium.... and (I live only 20 km from the Netherlands border...) in Holland too...

Romain but yesterday I saw one at The Simpsons :-)

Tomasz Dolata I mean, here's a school bus of the older type I think from the year 80's :)

bvphotosnap wow really? They must be really well taken care of to last soooo long ☺

jayce Very nice school buses scene, a typical NA lasting symbol, I like it.

bvphotosnap Thank you Jayce, I was just trying to participate in the weekly theme ☺

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