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tania Interesting. I like it.

Ian Prince Yeah, me too. tThere's something "record album cover" about it I especially like.

tania Could you add the setting you used ? Speed, aperture and iso ?

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. Focal length: 4.288, Aperture: f/2.4
Shutter speed: 1/15s I didn't use any flash and the time was 18:01 . I hope that makes sense for you because I do everything in an iPad. :)

Satoshi T I remind, when I was high school student, try to darkroom...

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. Thank you @Satoshi those days bring a lot of memories, there are very few of us who still favor the film world, where you have to go to tinker in the room and wait after hours to see you're work. :)

craig I like this!

Malgorzata Kadysz Man is a difficult subject. I do not have the courage to put on tookapic portrait but your photo is great :)

Joel G Mwakasege Jr. Oho come one now @malgorzata and don't count me courageous either I scare as easily when it comes to sharing my work any work that's is :)

Jaydee Beautiful portrait in B&W